Khan&Deen offers a turnkey solution to the API producers.

Khan&Deen is serving Bangladesh pharmaceutical industry since last 4 decades. With the long experience and expertise, Khan&Deen offers a turnkey solution the API producers which will help the pharmaceutical companies become self-sufficient. Khan&Deen is capable of providing Material Handling system, Glass Lined Reactors, SS Reactors, Hastelloy Reactor, ANFD, PNF, RCVD, RVPD, Centrifuge, FBD, VTD, HALAR/PVDF/PTFE/ETFE/PFA/PEEK/HDPE coated equipment, Receiver tank, Material transfer system, Multimill, Vibro shifter, Hydrogenator, Solvent recovery system. For the last 2 year and half the company has supplied several projects to the API producers.