Company’s core competences are facility development, processing machinery, packaging machinery, laboratory design, laboratory equipment, raw materials and packaging materials.

Khan & Deen Traders is known as a technology and solution provider.

Expert team

Khan&Deen caters human resources from various backgrounds to support the customers, such as, Electrical & Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automation, Pharmacist, MBA, etc.

Award wining company

Khan&Deen carries a legacy in the industry. Due to the honest and ethical approach to the industry, the company enjoys awards and recognitions form local and foreign companies.

Free consultation

Our approach is to understand customer needs and guide and help them to the right direction in respect to the market dynamics, technology and investment. For the betterment of the customers, this is a regular practice of Khan&Deen.

Guaranteed work

Khan&Deen is highly committed to the customers that their investment is secured, and the project will be handed over with full satisfaction.

What makes us different

  • Our experience in the industry is unparallel.
  • We understand the market and its dynamics, technology, finished products, project viability and most importantly the relation between the project and investment.
  • Our sincere approach towards our customers and principals.
  • Our courage and adaptability to introduce new technology to the industry.
  • We believe in strong partnership with our customers and be at their side 24/7.

Our partners